C4K- tour 1

Important please read

Tour Date: Saturday 31 July 2021

I do not condone the use of and/or the distribution of drugs. This tour is to allow you an insight into the secret dark world of C4K, its locations and characters.

Over 18s only.

It is not an opportunity to further your criminal career, so in order to respect others on the tour please refrain from talking about your own criminal experience, unless you have been convicted in which case please feel free to add your own perspective, but only if its relevant and welcomed by the others.

If at any point I feel that the behaviour becomes unacceptable please refer to chapters 1 & 2 of C4K. 

Welcome to C4K the tour of Bristol and surrounding areas.

Here are a few things I need you to answer:

  1. Have you read ‘Charlie Four Kilo’ or are you at least aware of its basic storyline? 
  2. The full names of all people attending
  3. If you have any dietary requirements
  4. If you are a serving member or ex-police force, only joking…
  5. Do you have any disabilities that I need to be aware of?
  6. Do you have any other concerns that I should be aware of?
  7. Veterans and serving personnel will be given a 10% discount
  8. Blue light cardholders will receive a 10% discount.

The day will be a mystery tour with a number of stops to locations featured in C4K, each stop will allow me to give a detailed description of what happened as well as the possibility of allowing you into a few dark secrets. What is said on the bus, stays on the bus, failure to do so please refer to chapters 1 & 2 of C4K.

We will end the tour with a meal, a drink and a chat about the day and I’ll be happy to sign any copies of C4K.

Timings to be confirmed, but I’m thinking 12:00 pickup, hit the road, then sit down to eat for 18:00, done by 19:30.

Costs approx. £80 per person, all-inclusive.

Maximum of 15 people.

Please email me at: Author.RichJones@gmail.com with the answers to book your space as soon as possible. Or… if you have any additional questions including payment, deposits, cancellations and refunds.

Remember, there’s only space for 15 people so don’t delay.

Once you make full payment you accept these basic terms.