“Charlie Four Kilo”, is the first in a series of books written by Rich Jones, aka, ‘The Lost Soldier’… ex-army, close protection guard, surveillance operative, and convicted drug dealer.

After a series of events that were out of his control, Jones finds himself rubbing shoulders with the unpredictable characters that live within the shadows of the criminal underworld.

“Charlie Four Kilo” delves deep into the chaotic, dangerous and manipulative world of organised crime.

We follow Jones as he desperately tries to free himself from the poisonous lifestyle that becomes his new reality… his exploits throughout Europe, the life-threatening entanglements with thugs from all over the world, and finally to his eventual capture ending with a 15-year prison sentence.

“Charlie Four Kilo” is based on true events. All names and locations have been changed to protect the guilty.

“Charlie Four Kilo allows the reader into the secretive drug dealing culture. Hard-hitting, humorous and unapologetic writing makes for a compelling storyline that leaves the reader wanting more…”
Deanna Mezan, Health in Justice Advanced Clinical Nurse Practitioner

“A genuine page-turner and an amazing insight into the challenges faced by Veterans. Rich vividly reveals how dangerous and stressful the criminal world is”
Lt Matt W (Royal Navy)

“First few chapters get you hooked and are light-hearted, but nothing can get you ready for what happens next. Beyond belief, frightening, scary but most of all a can’t put you down read. Brilliant.”
Dave Nich

“This book is simply a great read that has a mixture of humour, fear, psychological trauma and near death experiences. It encapsulates that organised crime is like any other business with its high and lows except that legitimate businesses don’t have the law knocking at the door. A must-read. Maj (retd) Cormac Doyle ARRC. BSc Dip He MH RMN CPN EMDR CEO The Bridge Charity.

Try and keep a steady pulse. This is a nerve-jangling account of redemption. Charlie Four Kilo is a remarkable story told with honesty and integrity. Chris Nott, Author of “Call Sign Chopper”, www.CallSignChopper.com

“This is a fast-paced gripping tale of life in the darker side of society. Succinct and to the point it keeps you locked in. I could feel the tension in the characters jumping out from the pages. A must-read!”
C. Ollis